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Last week’s Egyptian press tended to reflect on the reasons behind and potential consequences of the eye-catching phenomenon of Niqāb-clad women prevailing in all classes of society.
Hibah al-Marmá reports on the opinions of Muslim scholars on the Fatwá that Muslims are forbidden to marry Israelis under the pretext that Israel is in a state of enmity with Arabs and Muslims.
Angry reactions continue to be heard in intellectual circles regarding press freedom. The developments in the crisis of the 80-lash Fatwá issued by the grand imām of the Azhar, calls to abolish imprisonment in publishing-related cases, and the future of press in Egypt are the main subjects...
The article presents an interview between Watani International and Dr. ‘Abd al-Mū‘tī Bayyūmī about the process that the Islamic Research Academy employs when choosing to approve or ban any literary works.
The recent clash between journalists and the grand Imām of the Azhar after the latter’s controversial speech, in which he demanding punishing rumor-mongers and false reporters with 80 lashes, has marked a new critical turning point in the already-strained relations between non-governmental press...
Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘ṭī Bayyūmī discusses the thorny issue of Muslim and non-Muslim relations as articulated in the Qur’ān, casting light on the important verse of “No compulsion in religion.”
Kees Hulsman lectured at the Free University in Amsterdam, comparing religious pluralism in Cairo with Amsterdam. Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Bayyūmī wrote about interpretations of the Qur’ānic verse “No compulsion in religion.” Comments on articles criticizing four human rights centers in Egypt for inciting...
Muḥammad Nūr gauges the opinions of Muslim scholars on the decision of the Azhar to dismiss Dr. ‘Izzat ‘Aṭiyyah for releasing a Fatwá demanding that female workers breastfeed their male colleagues.
Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Bayyūmī talks about the dangers of rushed news on media, as well as stray Fatwás being issued without sufficient bases. He calls for adhering to values of the Qur’ān in order to protect the dignity of man and values of society.
AWR report on Christian missionary work in Muslim countries, taking Korean Christian volunteers or missionaries as an example. Discussion of Islamic Endowments in Egypt. Several Arab media outlets showed their anger about the American Coptic Union calling Pope Shenouda a powerless Pope.


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