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A children’s encyclopedia that interprets the Qur’ān attacks Christians and Jews, charges them with kufr [apostasy] and calls on Muslims to fight against them.
An article presenting clarification on a number of Qur’ānic verses referenced by Geert Wilders in his film ’Fitna.’
Two truths mentioned in the Qur’an that form Islam’s stand towards other religions. First, there is an objective unity between Islam and other revealed religions. Second, the Qur’an does not mention any religion, whether revealed or not, in a negative way.
Some churches in Western countries send missions to poor Islamic countries in what appears to be a merciful act but they are actually taking advantage of and abusing these societies in order to Christianize them.
Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Bayyūmī calls for debates between the Azhar scholars who are assigned to censor literary and artistic publications, as well as the authors of the works in question, to achieve more clarity in their judgment and put restrictions on the banning of books.
Although apostasy cases are few, the media’s exaggerated coverage and its portrayal of these cases as a general phenomenon, angering both Muslims and Christians and threatening to ignite sectarian sedition.
Mr. Feije Duim of the Dutch organization Kerkinactie visits AWR. Continuing heated discussions on conversions in Egyptian media. AḤmad al-Si‘dāwī describes the recent phenomenon of Coptic demonstrations.
The article discusses the intellectual atmosphere in the Islamic world. ‘Abd al-Mu‘ṭī Bayyumī criticizes the haphazard opinions spread by writers who have no plain identity concerning the issues they handle.
An article, written by the Muftī of Egypt, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah, was published on the Muslims Speak Out on-line forum and affirmed that unless they disturb public order, those who revert from Islam face no worldly punishment.
The article discusses the new phenomenon of female Muslim preachers who deliver religious lessons either at mosques or at homes. The article reports on the opinions of Muslim scholars about the phenomenon.


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