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Mohamed Raafat Othman called the Grand Mufti's comments on the Kamilia Shehata case "contradictory" as the Grand Mufti once said it was permissible for Kamilia to be handed over to the Church, and then later on said it was unacceptable. Islamic Philosophy Professor Amina Nasr added that what...
This article mentions a few things concerning Archbishop Maximus; namely his 3 month trip to the United States, and the temporary closing of his TV station.  
There is no religious strife (fitnah)  in Egypt, but there is religious tension; there is no Christian persecution in Egypt, but there is Christian discrimination. This, in summary, was the message presented in a seminar organized by the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS),...
Osama al-Ghazoly is a seasoned journalist who we asked to evaluate the media discourse on Izbet Bushra, paying special attention to coverage given to expatriate Coptic websites. Since some of these websites make reference to human rights reports produced in Egypt, Osama has also involved these...
The article comments on recent sectarian incidents that have taken place in Minia and links them to the need to pass a unified law for building houses of worship.
Following a response from Dr. Hans Jansen which outlined the books that state that Sūrah 2:256 is abrogated, Hulsman and Dukhān investigated the issue further and researched the viewpoints of number of prominent Islamic websites as well as the opinion of Dr. ‘Abd Al-Mu‘ti Bayyūmī.
Drs. Hulsman addresses Dr. Salīm al-ʿAwā and comments on a number of issues related to dialogue between Muslims and Christians.
Islamic scholars in the West and in the Islamic world have both researched early Islam, however they differ in the way they approach such texts. It would also help Muslim scholars in the Islamic world if they had access to the reports written in the West in European languages.
Missionary activities can often cause heated debates amongst religions around the world. In this report Shaymā’ Abū al-Khayr and Sharīf al-Dawākhilī analyze the situation in Egypt from both the Muslim and Christian sides.
The article reports on a decision of the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy that prevents Christian or Jewish wives, as well as children of a Muslim man, from receiving inheritance from him after his death.


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