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The Ministry of Economic Development in Egypt prepared what it called the “map of poverty” in which the 1000 poorest villages were identified. The government is discussing the possible ways to fight poverty and develop the villages.
‘Abd al-Qādir Shuhayb writes that the recent rumor about President Mubārak’s health has caused unrest for people, believing that there must be certain bodies behind it and called for an immediate punishment for its sources.
A 25-year-old Muslim man’s conversion to Christianity provokes heated debates and creates uproar in Christian and Muslim communities.
The author comments on the relation between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the state.
A few weeks ago, sectarian strife erupted when some Muslim residents of the village of Bimhā in al-‘Ayyāt...
In the article, security forces continue their drive against senior leaders of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group after some of its affiliated students displayed a parade in the Azhar University’s campus a few months ago. Police are also targeting the group’s secret financial system in order to...
The article deals with intercultural dialogue held at the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) in which all participants agreed on the necessity of changing religious discourse to strengthen the values of equality and coexistence.
‘Adb al-Qādir Shuhayb tackles the latest political incidents in Egypt and the influence of the banned Muslim Brotherhood on events. He also discuses the new wave of terror in Sinai and how to eliminate it.
A few months ago the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, declared that the American Administration would not mind if the elections brought a religious political force to power in the Middle East.
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