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The article reports on the notable increase in the Muslim population in the world.
The Egyptian press relentlessly covers the national and international reactions to Geert Widers’ film ’Fitna’. A young man in Saudi Arabia has made a movie to respond to ’Fitna’. He used shots that showed British solders filming Iraqis being tortured and simultaneously displayed Biblical texts that...
A Dutch politician and animal rights activist has called for the halt of animal slaughter on a religious basis, explaining that it causes longer and unnecessarily pain to the animals before they die.
The Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali has asked the European Union for money to help protect her while she is in the U.S. after she received death threats because of her outspoken criticism of Islam.
‘Abd Allāh Mustafá reports on Belgian local authorities banning official employees from wearing the hijāb or any other religious symbols.
Many Dutch organizations and public figures are starting a movement against the attempts of hard-line politician Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, to offend Islam.
A Dutch bishop calls to use the Arabic word “Allāh” instead of “God.” His call sparked protests in The Netherlands, where the bishop declared that this statement was a personal opinion that does not express the opinion of any of the churches in The Netherlands.
A new wave of anger swept the Muslim world in response to the provocative statements of a Dutch statesman who called to ban the circulation of the Qur’ān in The Netherlands, describing it as an ‘unbearable book’ that promotes hatred and terrorism.
The article reports on a government decision to ban the wearing of the hijāb on public transport as well as in other educational and government institutions.
The Egyptian press is still giving considerable space for the issue of the banning of the veil in French public schools and institutions. Sixteen articles discussing this issue were published over this week.


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