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Al-Jazeera's Chairman Wadah Khanfar declared that he would be stepping down from his position after 8 years. There is much controversy surrounding this, as a Wikileaks cable recently released shows his cooperation with some American intelligence services.
Samīr Marqus discusses the social reality in Egypt, the Coptic file, citizenship and the laws and rulings issued regarding building churches in Egypt at the present time.
Copts in Paris organized a demonstration during which demonstrators presented a petition to the Egyptian ambassador which called for less discrimination and more equality for Copts in Egypt.
Dr. Nabīl Luqā Bibāwī’s response to the questions posed by AWR concerning Yustina Saleh’s article on the second article of the Egyptian constitution.
Members of the Coptic and Muslim communities respond to President Mubārak’s decision to shift the authority regulating the building and demolition of houses of worship to the governors.
The book al-Mowarana il Awlama: al-A qbat fi Alam Motaghayer (Citizenship and Globalisation: Copts in a Changing World) by Hany Labib, published by Dar al-Shorouq in 2004 in Arabic, tackles the relationship between Copts and their homeland, in the era of globalisation. Within the context of present...
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