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`The author talks about Nabīh al-Waḥsh who claims that ‘Ābīr Ṣabrī is Takfīr because she removed her Ḥijāb, and ‘Ābīr Sabrī responds that this is a personal matter.
The return of retired veiled actresses to the small screen has raised many questions over the roles they are likely to agree to play after putting on the hijāb.
Karam Jābir writes about the future of the hijāb in Egypt. He argues that genuine faith rests in the mind and conscience and is not a piece of cloth that covers a woman’s hair.
Former actresses and singers wearing the hijāb clarify their stance concerning presenting religious shows on satellite channels.
Retired actresses are planning to work for Islamic satellite channels, and a number of shops are refusing to sell tight and revealing clothing just to make profit.
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