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People are surprised about the British Government’s attitude in dealing with Muslim extremists. Following its flexible policy with them where they were allowed to run their activities from British territories, British authorities recently arrested some known Islamic extremists under the new...
An interview made by Al-Wasat with Mustafa Kamel, also known by Abu Hamzah Al-Masry, prior to his detention by the British authorities in London.
Radical activist Abu Hamzah Al-Masri was arrested yesterday under Britain’s Prevention of Terrorism Act.
The head of the Shari`a Supporters organization Abu Hamzah Al-Masry threatened to bomb all western airplanes both civilian and military. He assured [reporters of] his determination to raise his plan in the meeting of fundamentalist groups held in London.
The paper interviewed people in the street, actors, actresses and journalists who all stressed the unity between Muslims and Christians. Dr. William Qilada discusses the Hamayouni law. The paper is convinced countries as Britain and Israel would like to see Egypt’s national unity destroyed.
Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who is currently in a US jail, has called for the end of all militant activities in Egypt carried out by Islamic groups and to completely disassociate themselves from the Saudi terrorist Usama Bin Laden. Other extremists leader, however, disagree.


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