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Suggestions of a deal between British and Egyptian authorities to exchange prisoners, including three Britons in prison in Egypt in connection to membership of Hizb al-Tahrīr and Egyptian, Abu Hamza al-Misrī, currently in jail in the U.K.
The article describes the wedding of the elder son of Abu Hamza Al-Masri, the leader of Ansar Al-Shari´a group, based in London. Many Islamists, including westerners, were present in the wedding and all the songs they sung were about jihad. In the word he gave at the wedding, Abu Hamza urged...
The writer sheds light on the status of Muslim communities in the West before and after the events of September 11.
A British court dismissed the case of the two sons of fundamentalist Abu Hamza Al-Masri, the head of Ansar Al-Shari’a group.
The article is an interview with Montasser Al-Zayat, lawyer of Egyptian fundamentalists. He speaks about Egyptian fundamentalists outside Egypt and comments on the recent statements Karam Zuhdi, the leader of the Gama´a Al-Islamiya, gave to Asharq Al-Awsat. He also comments on the conflicts...
The article gives comments on the reaction of Abu Hamza Al-Massri towards the statements of Karam Zuhdi.
The Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salah stated some years ago to one of the Arab satellite channels that Abu Hamza Al-Masri is an agent for the British Intelligence Service. The author comments on the statement of the president and supports it by statements given by Abu Hamza himself
Islamic figures comment on the criticism Abu Hamza Al-Masri leveled at the Gama’a Al-Islamiya because of its condemnation of the attacks in Riyadh and Casablanca.
Egyptian fundamentalist Abu Hamza Al-Masri attacked the leaders of the Egyptian Gama’a Al-Islamiya in a long statement because of their stand against the Qa’ida network and the attacks in Riyadh and Casablanca.
Abu Hamza El-Masri, leader of London-based Ansar Al-Shari’a, [Supporters of Shari’a] may be handed over to the US. One of Al-Masri’s followers has agreed to give testimony against him in a deal with the US Investigation department to lighten his punishment.


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