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Religious extremists started campaigning against Rose Al-Youssef because it published a series of taped interviews with them which unleashed their thoughts, methods and goals. Yasser Al-Serri felt cornered after the magazine revealed the unimportance of his role, and how flat his ideas are. Sheikh...
Through interviewing Omar Bakri, the leader of Al-Muhagerin [immigrants] group, the author recounts how Adel Abdel Al-Mageed, an Egyptian lawyer who was involved with Usama Bin Laden, was arrested. He also discussed the reasons behind his trial.
Subtitles: *Al-Zawahri is suffering with the desire of owning members of other Islamic groups which led him into folly. *Al-Gama’a is suffering from too much consultation which causes confusion and leads to arguments between the leadership. *Al Jihad categorized all as atheists, but the Gama’a...
"Le Nouvelle Observateur", a French weekly, reports that London has become a haven for terrorists and a protector of Muslim extremist leaders from around the world. Many headquarters of terrorist extremist groups can be found in London. The "Observateur" tells many stories, describing the life of...
This article gives an overall view of the history of Egypt, concentrating on the contribution of the Copts to the political and public life of Egyptian society, which varied depending on the type of government in power at each period.
The 16-year-old Christian Briton, Hosea Walker converted to Islam, went to an Islamic training camp in Yemen where he has been shot dead. Hosea’s 17-year-old brother Malkay was in the same camp and returned home with the dead body.
Sheikh Omar Bakry explains how candidate-terrorists are first receiving a training in London and after they have completed that training they go to other countries for further training in terrorist techniques.
Followers and supporters of a Yemeni militant who was executed on Sunday for the kidnapping and killing of Western tourists in Yemen threatened to avenge his killing, but the Yemeni authorities dismissed these warnings as "hot air".
A car racing away from a police checkpoint in a hail of gunfire blew up with a huge explosion, killing seven people on Thursday in the central Yemen province of Ibb. Police said vehicle was apparently being used to smuggle dynamite.
The Yemeni Minister of Interior, General Staff Hussein Mohammed Arab, has requested that Britain extradite Abu Hamza a well-known Muslim militant whose son and two sons-in-law amongst others were recently convicted on charges of planning various terrorist acts in Yemen.


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