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Each time a disaster befalls dār al-harb [‘abode of war’, referring to the West] there are some Muslim terrorists who issue statements triumphing over the death of thousands of ‘Christian libertines, homosexuals and prostitutes.’
Although they all have different interpretations, al-Qā‘ida, Jewish and Christian fundamentalist organizations and anti-abortion activists all agree that the devastating hurricane Katrina, was an expression of God’s wrath.
A senior Muslim cleric in London issued a fatwa saying that suicide operations are halāl [religiously permissible], according to Islamic sharīca. He even said that they are a religious obligation. However, following the bombings on the London Underground that killed scores of people and has led to...
Many people speak about the political ‘injustice’ that many Muslims detect in the policies of the West. It is this sense of injustice that encouraged the Turkish terrorist Sokarra, who dated girls, and drank alcohol, to join the al-Qācīda camps. Yet this shallow explanation of the phenomenon of...
Zudhī Ahmad, an 18-year-old student, wears a black hat in imitation of Abu Muscab al-Zarqāwī, who has become a ‘folk hero’ for many Jordanian young men, even if they do not agree that killing civilians in suicide operations is justified.
President Bush’s enterprise to democratize the Middle East must be seriously addressed by policy makers in the Arab region. It is a priority in the American war on terrorism, since democratization is considered the only way to eliminate terrorism.
Responses of how the Islamic world could respond to rapid changes and developments. Critique on fake muftīs who issue eccentric and controversial fatwas on satellite television.
After the London blast and the assassination of the Egyptian envoy in Iraq, we realized the existence of a problem bigger than the dilemma of terrorism. The new problem is the existence of those sympathizing with terrorism. Unfortunately, there are some of the old guard of journalists and writers...
For over 10 years, many Arab writers, including myself, have been warning of the leniency, not the tolerance, in dealing with extremism that spread like wildfire amongst British Muslims and immigrants.
The Jamā‘a al-Islāmīya said in their press statement in reaction to the assassination of Īhāb al-Sharīf, that the Zarqāwī group accuses others of takfir [unbelief]. They even see other Islamic groups as heretics without a substantial Islamic backing


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