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  The al-Haram Appellate Court of Misdemeanor will hand down a ruling in the September 12 session on the case in which top Egyptian actor ‘Ādil Imām is accused of disdaining religion. The first instance court had sentenced Imām to three months in jail and payment of a bail of LE100 (roughly $17).
Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī rules that demonstrations and strikes are religiously prohibited and nonsense.
Jamāl As‘ad attacks the presence of the U.S. ambassador to Egypt at the inauguration of a new human rights organization that is called Hand-In-Hand for Egypt.
The article reports on the inauguration ceremony of Michael Meunier’s new foundation ’Hand in Hand for Egypt’ that has been approved by Egyptian authorities.
The article discusses the film Hasan wa-Marqus [Hasan and Marqus] that deals with the dangers of religious extremism.
The author criticized his fellow Coptic author Midḥat Bishāy for his persistent criticism against the church, Coptic expatriates and other issues.
In a previous article, the author – Hanī Labīb – criticizes the prominent actor ‘Ādil Imām for visiting the pope for the endorsement of his new film on the sensitive relations between Muslims and Christians. Labīb attributed his criticism to the fact that he rejects the intervention of men of...
Khālid Muntaṣir, the author, reviews a Khayrī Shalabī novel entitled, ‘Quddās al-Shaykh Radwān’ [Mass of Shaykh Raḍwān] which deals with the relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
The author discusses religious men and the sensitivity and intolerance that control the relationship between Muslims and Christians, and differentiates between Islam and Muslims and between Christianity and Christians.
The author comments on a new film for ‘Ādil Imām where he will play the role of a priest. He also talks about Max Michel, the false patriarch and his relations with the protestant churches.
Egyptian superstar ‘Ādil Imām is going to star in a new movie as a Coptic clergyman. The film will discuss Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt. Imām presented a summary of the plot to Pope Shenouda III.
The article reports on the statements of Yūsuf Ma‘āṭī, a well-known scriptwriter, concerning his meeting with Pope Shenouda III, in which he discussed the details of his new movie ‘Hasan and Marqus’ which discusses Muslim-Christian relations.
Subtitles:- I never play with my words or dress them up, I just take care of everything.- America feels easy at heart with some Islamic tendencies. It even defends their interests.- The security system will not stand still towards violence.- I am not an Islamic writer, but a Muslim writer.- Wearing...
An interview with Mustafa al- Zayyāt, member of al-Jam‘āt al- Islāmīya and the main attorney defending those accused of Islamic fundamentalism, concerning Ayman al-Zawāhirī whom he knew very well from the days they spent together in al-Qal‘a Prison.
The author expresses the opinion that he is not against Sheikh Amr Khaled as a person, but is against making him holy. The most dangerous threat to Islamic societies is the spread of the phenomenon of making people holy. This phenomenon is abolishing people´s reason and turning them into a...
After negotiations failed to end a three month long sit in being staged by Sudanese refugees in a public square in central Cairo, security forces took measures to end the protest, resulting in a stampede, which killed 25 Sudanese. 76 Egyptian policemen were also injured after demonstrators hurled...
A press review of articles concerning the allegedly anti-Islamic play performed in the Mar Girgis Church in Alexandria, which prompted angry demonstrations from Muslims.
The author wonders why the play, which he states was highly insulting to Islam, was made and hopes that this play does not mark the beginning of yet another round of sectarian strife.
The insatiable lust for attacking others and the attempts to belittle their opinions have become a disturbing shameful phenomenon that overwhelms sensational newspapers, a matter that runs counter to the press code of ethics. See for more media critique also: Art. 2 – caution needed with stories...
Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary members try to stop new legislation on the establishment and work of NGOs. They attacked many items in the legislation, such as an item that allows non-Egyptians to participate in NGOs. They argued that this could give people who hate Egypt the chance to penetrate...


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