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A Coptic researcher has filed a lawsuit calling for Muslim judges to be prevented from examining Copts’ personal status cases.
Khālid Salāḥ, the author, responds to the angry messages he received from Copts who reacted to his previous article, in which he criticizes the miraculous story of the moving of the Muqattam Mountain by a good Christian man during the Fatimid era.
The author strongly rejects discussing the Coptic file in the UN, believing that there are hidden Zionist influences behind such step. He unleashes a severe criticism at Eng. ‘Adlī Abādīr who presented the report to the European headquarters of the UN.
Max Michel has recently claimed that President Muhammad Husn ī Mub ārak personally supports the independent church that he has set up.
According to Orthodox doctrine, marriage is a holy connection, not only between the couple, but also between the two families: for example, the husband’s brothers and sisters become his wife’s brothers and sisters, and vice versa. As a result, the church can not accept the marriage of a widow to...
The author had criticized in a previous article the Church that has been newly established under US registration. The church, under the leadership of Andarāwus ‘Azīz, is dedicated to solving the problem of Copts unable to get divorce or remarry because of the Orthodox Church’s inflexible position...
This article is a message refuting what ‘Ādil Najīb Rizq published in the same newspaper on July 11, 2005. Father Andrāwus ‘Azīz says that ‘Ādil Najīb Rizq based his article on a bundle of lies and slander about Father Andrāwus ‘Azīz, and that the intervention of the law is necessary.
Andarawus ‘Azīz, supposedly a priest, was proved to have been violating the Bible as he explained the sacrament of matrimony in his own way in a bid to attract more supporters for the illegal marriage ceremonies he and his likes are holding.
Someone asked me : “Will Max Michael and his church succeed in attracting new members, and will it affect the Orthodox Church under His Holiness Pope Shenouda?”


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