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In answer to a question posed by a Muslim reader the author outlines principles which are to guide a Muslim’s relationships with non-Muslims.
Muslim communities are being targeted by missionaries who wish to spread their faith. ... Our responsibility is to defend our community, since all believers in Islam are a single community as God says. That defense may take several forms, but the most effective one is to ensure that Muslims know...
A Muslim’s view as to salvation through Jesus.
An explanation of the meaning of verse 154 of Surah 2, which may be rendered in translation as follows: "Do not say that those who are killed in the cause of God are dead; for they are alive, but you are not aware of it."
The article deals with the principle of being tolerant with people who follow other religions. " We should remember that it is our task to make Islam known to them and to give them a good idea of our faith, because God has sent the message of Islam to all mankind."
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