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The author points out the comportments that ignite sectarian sedition in Egypt. He refers to a number of Coptic and Muslim Web sites that attack the other religion.
Ahmad Abu al-Hassan presents Colonel Qadhāfī as the leader of the new war between the Sufist and the Salafist movements. Qadhāfī’s war is one in which all possible weapons are to be employed.
A CD distributed for free in downtown Cairo shows the process of the conversion of a young terrorist to Christianity.
The Mufti of Egypt, Ali Goma´a, issued a new and strange fatwa that allows women to pray wearing a ballet dancer´s costume. Still, there are conditions for praying with this costume. The room where one is praying should be totally dark. The fatwa triggered the anger of all the members of...
Dr. Hassan Khader, deputy of the Ministry of Endowments, comments on the reasons why the ministry monitors mosque imams and preachers.
The author discusses a conference hosted by the Azhar on calls by Sufis to internationalize Muslim sanctities and bring an end to the Wahābīs’ control over them.
Verbal skirmishes took place between the Copts and Dr. Jamāl Nassār, the media advisor of the Muslim Brotherhood murshid [guide], after Nassār objected to canceling the religious identity from official papers.
Ahmed Omar Hashim, the Rector of the Azhar University faces serious accusations. According to the head of the board members of the Sup Muslim Youth Association in Cairo, the least serious accusation facing him is hiring a group of criminals to take possession of supplies and equipments belonging...
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