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The Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine has completed its historical mission and has vanquished Israel and established a national Palestinian state. That is why we were not surprised to read its shady statement in which it called on Moqtada Al-Sadr to burn all Iraqi oil. The movement, after...
Most contradictory fatwás claim to be based on God’s word; some fatwás allow women to do certain things while others prohibit them. Conflicting fatwás are a serious problem that does not appear to have an end in sight.
The article examines the scandalous way in which extremists have managed to present themselves as representatives of Islam, a religion embraced by millions of people. It states that is a shame that people like Bakrī, Abu Qatāda and Abu Hamza al-Masrī appear on television everyday claiming to be...
In Arab countries strict laws are needed to ensure that murderers and people who incite murder are treated equally. The problem here is that we punish the products, but allow the factories that churn out such murderers to go unpunished.
Arab and Islamic countries have turned a blind eye to extremists, thus giving them the green light to collect money and infiltrate into many establishments, such as educational institutions.
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