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The general prosecution headed by Counselor Sharīf ‘Imād al- Dīn has ruled to imprison Ahmad Mus’ad al- Mi’adāwī, member of ISIS, for 15 days pending investigations.
A number of Coptic men have signed an announcement calling to cancel any Christmas celebrations in Egypt.
Coptic researcher Nabīl Munīr comments on the recent withdrawal of two founding members of the Coptic Laymen Group from the group.
Ahmad al-Sa‘dāwī writes about a division in the members of the Coptic laymen group.
The article reports on the abandonment of both Hānī Labīb and Kamāl Ghubriyāl from the team of Coptic laymen.
Al-Sa‘dāwī reports on reactions of the Coptic Orthodox Church to Max Michel’s allegations that he has a CD that contains information about the increasing number of conversion cases of Coptic Orthodox under the mandate of Pope Shenouda III.
Ahmad al-Sa‘dāwī reports on a conference that will be organized in Cairo soon, which will discuss Coptic grievances.
Aḥmad al-Sa‘dāwī interviewed Dr. ‘Adil Fawzī, head of the Egyptian branch of the Canada-based Middle East Christians Association, on the reasons behind his decision to freeze the activities of the association in Egypt.
Aḥmād al-Sa‘dāwī interviews Aḥmad Abū al-Majd, a lawyer who filed a complaint before the General Prosecutor against Shaykh Muḥammad Ḥassān on charges of inflaming sectarianism by attacking Christianity.
The article highlights the recent problems with Pope Shenouda’s health, and expresses Watani International’s wishes for a speedy recovery.


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