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The controversial book by Bishop Paphnotius is entitled, ‘Hatmyyah al-Nuhūd bil-al-‘Amal al-Kanasī’ [Inevitable Advancement of Church Work]. The following article presents an overview of the book, including the controversial material it published on the intricate inside workings of the Coptic...
The second session of the laymen’s conference will be held on April 26-27, 2007. While laymen sent out personal invitations to Pope Shenouda III and all the members of the Holy Synod, the Coptic Orthodox Church still appears to be boycotting the conference. Pope Shenouda described the conference as...
The article analyzes one of the seven sacraments of the Coptic Orthodox Church, namely “mayron” or holy oil.
Bibāwī denied converting to Judaism or to a different denomination and asserted that he will not reconsider his opinions, apologize or ask for forgiveness from Pope Shenouda.
Ahmad al-Sa‘dāwī interviews Bishop Bīshūy and asks him about the church decision concerning George Ḥabīb Bibāwī.
Aḥmad al-Si‘dāwī interviews Bishop Marqus to ask him about his declarations concerning the constitutional reform in Egypt.
Coptic writers and intellectuals present their views on the reasons behind the inability of the Coptic Orthodox church to contain troublesome situations.
Aḥmad al- Sa‘dāwī reports about the two 2007 New Year’s ceremonies held in Egypt by Pope Shenouda and Father Maximus.
The problems of Copts revealed in the reform conference were not mainly related to the Coptic Orthodox Church; many of the church problems can be attributed to the political and social problems resulted from the duality between the stance of the law and the practices literally applied.
The article sheds light on the alleged suspension of 14 priests from al-Kushh village, presenting their responses to the accusations.


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