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The author notes that the recent conference on orthodox doctrine has sparked a “conference war” between the mother Orthodox Church, laymen and Max Michel.
This article talks about the annual Faith Deepening Conference which will be held soon, and the current disputes between the church, secularists, and the Ecclesiastical Reform Group.
Defrocked archpriest Andrawus ‘Azīz says in this interview that there are eight other reasons for Coptic divorce besides adultery, while Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria adamantly still insists that adultery is the sole reason for divorce. This is perhaps because he is trying to consolidate his...
Ākhir Sā‘ah opens the controversial file of religious schools in Egypt. In an earlier issue, several articles tackled schools of the Muslim Brotherhood, like the Muslim Generation School in Marsa Matrūh. This article, however, sheds light on Coptic Sunday schools.
This article traces the battle between Islam and Christianity via the satellites and the internet, led by an Islamic preacher, ‘Abdullāh Badr and a priest, Zakarya Butrus. Satellite channels and the internet have become a means through which sectarian sedition is spread in Egypt.
Ākhir Sā‘ah tackles the sensitive issues of identity, terrorism and citizenship in the light of the proposal of the National Assembly for Human Rights to remove religious data from identification cards. Religious authorities, intellectuals and law makers were asked their opinions about the...
In his interview with Ākhir Sā‘ah, the writer and researcher Samīr Murqus talks about citizenship as a comprehensive concept and the reasons for the escalated sectarian tensions in Egypt.
Ākhir Sā‘ah presents a study entitled “Egypt’s path to self-acceptance: Sectarian tension and the vices of education” which tackles the relation between Muslims and Copts in Egypt. The study warns against intrigues that aim at fueling sectarianism in Egypt.
Following the announcement of a festival for Christian films, views of critics and film directors varied between opposing “religionizing” the cinema and demanding these movies to be screened in normal theatres for non-Christian viewers.
The author focuses on a recent opinion by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria on the sin of having a wet dream. He advised young people to stay away from any sexually-exciting scenes and to pray before sleeping.


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