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The victory of the Moslem Brotherhood in the recent parliamentary elections in which they obtained 17 seats created many speculations about what they would do in the future, especially after they announced their intention to form a new political party. al-Musawar discarded the possibility of...
Al-Ahrar devoted a whole page to the statements given by the Sheikh of the Azhar, Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi and the Mufti concerning attacking Israeli civilians. The paper also asked some Islamic intellectuals their opinions in that respect.
The Turkish ambassador to Cairo comments on the Armenian’s claims of being persecuted by the Ottaman Empire. He said while the Ottoman Empire was collapsing, the West wanted Turkey to wrongly admit it had persecuted Christian minorities. They also urged the Christian minorities to seek their...
In spite of the objection of the Mufti and some sheikhs, the Minister of Al-Awqaf issued a decision agreeing to the appointment of women as assistants to the main preachers of the mosques. The Minister confirmed that women should pass through certain tests before they are appointed for these jobs.
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kholi, long-serving Professor of Elocution at the Arabic Language Faculty, University of Al-Azhar was recently fired from the staff of the University. In January 1998 he wrote two articles in Al-Shaab newspaper criticizing the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi,...
The scholars of Al-Azhar harshly criticized Gamal Al-Banna for his opinions about the Hadiths and the necessity to establish new jurisprudence.
Dr. Mahmoud argues that there cannot be any form of intercession on the Day of Judgment because if it happened it would be a form of injustice and favoritism, and this is impossible taking into consideration the justice of Allah. The Azhar scholars have criticized him for this view.
The statement lately released by the Islamic Center of Al-Azhar concerning the Prayer for the Absentee has caused a crisis especially after the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi refused to perform the Prayer for the Absentee for Muslim martyrs of Kosovo, after last Friday’s prayer.
Dr. Nasr Farid confirmed that the call for the renewal of [Islamic] jurisprudence is a useless call because since is no need for that. He said that Islamic jurisprudence is flexible and can deal with all the issues of the age.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi says that the Azhar will study this book. He also said that if the book opposes the teachings of Islam, then it will be confiscated.


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