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This article sheds light upon the National Council for Human Rights report on the human rights status quo in Egypt during 2006-2009, addressed to Geneva International Council for Human Rights.
Vice president of the National Council for Human Rights criticizes the current superficial religiosity in the Islamic countries and considered calls to abolish the Sharī‘ah to be a kind of madness.
This article sheds light on the spreading social phenomenon, religiousness. It shows the great difference between false appearances and putting on the mask of religiousness, and the absent genuine religious values pointing out its negative effect on the society.
Hulsman flags up articles 5-8 in this issue that concern sūrah 2:256 of the Qur’ān and whether it is abrogated or not. He also draws the reader’s attention to a number of article that focus on issues that threaten the social peace of society
An important international congress on the 13th century Andalusian sūfī philosopher Ibn ‘Arabi has just finished in the Egyptian capital. The author also brings the reader’s attention to two articles about the role of the Muslim Brotherhood and an interesting article about freedom of expression in...
The Journalists’ Syndicate is working hard to try and stop the editor in chief of al-Dustūr newspaper from going to jail.
Muhammad Hassān, one of the most popular Muslim preachers not only in Egypt but all over the Islamic world, spoke to al-Maydān about a number of important issues.
The author writes that the deputy-head of the National Council for Human Rights, Dr. Ahmad Kamāl Abū al-Majd, publicly criticizes the regime only to avoid coming under criticism of human rights violations. The author says he does not really believe in what he says or he would not stay in the...
Muhammad Amīn praises the unprecedented braveness of Ahmad Kamāl Abū al-Majd, deputy-head of the National Council for Human Rights, who has called for civil disobedience; whilst holding a senior post in the government.
Coptic Councilor Najīb Jibrā’īl is intending to hold a conference to discuss the controversial Coptic issues in Egypt. Prominent Egyptian personalities and a number of Coptic expatriates were invited.


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