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The Dutch Foreign Ministry’s ambassador for human rights praised the council for its development and activities since his last visit three years ago. The growth in the organization confirms its credibility and its support of human rights in Egypt.
Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research ‘Amr ‘Izzat Salāma said conferences held by the Arab League discussed the importance of correcting the tarnished image of Islām in the West.
Many Arab authors and thinkers highlighted the necessity of using the Arab participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair as ''guest of honor'' to mirror a positive image of Arabs and Muslims to the West. The fair administration dedicated about 1260 m2 for the Arab publishing houses, the biggest space...
The visit of the delegation of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to Egypt has caused much controversy within Egyptian political and religious circles, with many considering it an unwanted interference in the internal affairs of the country. Men of religion criticized the visit of...
Different Egyptian authors ponder about how to build bridges between the Islamic world and the West. Full Text
An in-depth look at the third annual report of the Citizenship Committee of the National Council for Human Rights [NCHR]. Particular focus is placed on missing Coptic women and the complaints that are lodged against public institutions.
Muhammad Salmāwī cites his conversation with Najīb Mahf?z regarding the publication of his novel ’ Awlād Hāratinā.’
The The National Council for Human Rights holds a conference to discuss Coptic issues.
The author comments on Fatwás issued by satellite Shaykhs.
Mubārak responded “impossible” to a request submitted by Najīb Sāwīris who aimed to win Mubārak’s approval before establishing a party.


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