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The author wonders whether Egyptians are experiencing a stage of creative chaos, coinciding with the visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Cairo last year. She wonders whether the people nurturing this chaos realize that the price of this chaos would be paid by everyone.
The author criticizes curricula in Egyptian schools, underlining that they teach students how to hate the West, instead of teaching them how to benefit from Western societies’ progress.
A visiting American delegation hailed the role played by the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) in supporting freedoms and the content of its annual reports.
The third meeting of the Council for Human Rights and civil society organizations has called for the establishment of a Ministry of Human Rights and for changes in Egyptian society to prevent sectarianism and discrimination.
Al-Musawwar had an interview with the vice-president of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Kamāl Abu al-Majd, where he discussed religious, legal, political and security problems in Egypt.
The National Human Rights Committee proposes ways of dealing with issues of sectarian sedition, the judges and terrorism and Sinai.
Egypt is listed among the top five countries facing terrorist threats, and the deputy head of the National Council of Human Rights confirms that the issue of the terrorist bombings needs a social, cultural and economic solution.
In an interview with al-Ahrām, vice president of the National Council of Human Rights, Dr. Ahmad Kamāl Abu al-Majd discusses the main four issues of concern to the council. He pays special attention to the basic rights of the citizen and Islamic preaching and institutions.
The Citizenship Committee of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has placed a number of Muslim-Christian issues, including the proposed law on houses of worship in Egypt, at the top of its agenda.
Analysis of the attacks on churches in Alexandria in which one man was killed, skepticism that the man was actually ‘deranged’, as claimed by the Ministry of the Interior and condemnation of the culture of fanaticism that leads to such events.


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