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Many articles in the Egyptian press describe the Shiite celebration that has been hosted in Karbala in the honor of Al-Hussein Ibn Ali. Some articles discuss the beliefs of Shiite Muslims, in the light of the Iraqi crisis. Others speak about inter-Islamic dialogue and the necessity of a union...
Ahmad Khālid continues his series of articles answering the pope’s controversial declarations against Islām. In his fourth article he asserts that Islām is a religion of truth that exalts God above everything. Islām, like Christianity before it, came to fulfill the world’s needs.
It is an unfair offense what the pope said about Islam being spread by force. Islamic history is full of examples of the liberty and respect by which Muslim leaders treated newly conquered cities, at a time when the Byzantine Empire had no rules for fighting and killing.
Ahmad Khālid sees that the reason behind backwardness in the Arab world, particularly in Egypt, is the rigidity and deficiency of religious discourse. He argues that Egypt nowadays suffers from the absence of authentic clergy.
The article gives a historical background about Coptic monasticism. Egypt is the land that witnessed the creation of Christian monasticism. From Egypt all countries took the Coptic monastic system as a public, ecclesiastic institution which has a very deep and direct impact on Christian life...
An interview with Kees Hulsman.
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