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The author presents the assassination of two key Egyptian politicians of the 20th century and the role that the Muslim Brotherhood played in an attempt to expose how the banned group has been following terrorist thoughts.
The author records the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and its relation with Copts.
The author discusses national unity in the Arab world.
Rose al-Yūsuf is a democratic magazine established by an outstanding remarkable woman who played a leading role in Egyptian history. ‘Izzat attacks the thesis and its author describing him as the doctor of heterodoxy.
The author defines terrorism and determines its origins, in addition to discussing the history of the political assassinations that started on the Egyptian political scene in the 20th century.
The recent terrorist attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh executed by the Abdullah Azzam Brigades which claimed 85 lives and left more than 200 injured are nothing but the last in a long line of terrorist events in Egypt and the entire world.
The seizure of Saad Zaghloul and his three companions on March 8, 1919 was the spark that started the Egyptian revolution against the British - a revolution that showed the unity of the people of Egypt. It was the unity of the Hilaal and the Cross in Jihad [holy war] and sacrifice when Muslims and...
Someone started with drug dealing and, suddenly, after the boxes of his safe was filled with money, he said that his conscience has awakened writes the author about the Muslim Brotherhood. They first planted the wicked tree of blood. After this they come to tell us that this was the past and it is...
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