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Judicial sources within the Ministry of Justice have revealed that Minister of Justice Ahmad Mikkī will go to the presidential office with an initiative to solve the crisis which has come as a result of clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mursī. 
Egypt State Information Service (SIS) translated the news story came in al-Ahrām on August 25 about President’s Mursī decree to cancel holding into custody measure in publishing crimes. The following is the text as it came on SIS: Minister of Justice Ahmad Mekki told "Al-Ahram" newspaper on...
Al-Ahrām ran a brief piece on the background of Counsellor Mahmūd Mikī, the new Vice President.
Counselor Ahmad Mikkī, the minister of justice, said President Muhammad Mursī’s decision to abolish the complementary constitutional declaration was based on the popular legitimacy he acquired through his election as president of the republic.
Ahmad Makkī, vice president of Egypt’s cassation court, in charge of developing the new judicial authority law, has announced that the project will provide for the abolition of state security prosecution and expand the mandate of the Supreme Judicial Council, in its appointment of advisors to the...
At a time when the Egyptian press market was still discussing the aftermath of the State Security Prosecution’s interrogation of an independent journalist on charges of spreading rumors about the president’s health, a new wave of anger stormed Egyptian society after a misdemeanor court sentenced...
The consultant Maḥmūd al-Khudarī comments on what happened during the annual conference held by Egypt’s Society for Culture and Dialogue on May 13, 2007.
National and private newspapers deliberately concealed the news about appointing female judges and did not care to highlight it in a appropriate manner due to the controversy that has surrounded the issue.
The recommendations of a seminar on amending the Egyptian constitution called for amending article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution, after failing to achieve an agreement to omit it.
The National Human Rights Committee proposes ways of dealing with issues of sectarian sedition, the judges and terrorism and Sinai.
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