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Ahmad Murād reports on the statements of the prominent Muslim scholar Dr. Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī, in which he called on Muslims to renew their fiqh in order to abide by global changes to avoid clashes with world cultures.
Islamic researchers and thinkers comment on Robertson’s attacking declarations against Islam.
A number of Muslim scholars are calling for an international law to criminalize insulting Islamic symbols.
Murād reviews Ṭanṭāwī’s book ‘Hadhā Huwa al- Islām; Ḥiwār Hādi’ ma‘ Bābā al-Fātikān’ [This is Islām; a Calm Dialogue with the Pope of the Vatican] Islām is a religion of peace and freedom and the Prophet Muhammad is the prophet of merci and noble morals who was mentioned in the Torah and the Bible.
A recent fatwá by prominent Muslim intellectual Jamāl al-Bannā, stating that smoking does not spoil fasting has sparked massive controversy amongst Muslim scholars and clerics who described the fatwá as "totally irresponsible" and contrary to the teaching of Islam.
Ahmad Murād and ‘Arwa Hassan investigate the real motives and objectives of conferences held abroad by Egyptian immigrant Copts. Experts and analysts believe that this minority serves anything but the interest of its own homeland.
[Press release based on articles in Al-Arabi, September 16, 2001] Al-Arabi’s focal point in its coverage of the recent attacks in America was different from all other Egyptian newspapers. Its focal point was Egyptians’ rejoicing over what it called the "Remains of the American Dream." If the...
Dr. Fou´ad Zakariya, a professor of Philosophy, suggested secularism as a substitute for Islamic thinking, stressing that it is the solution for the intellectual rigidity Muslims suffer from. The author approaches a group of Muslim scholars of religion for comments, they all object to this opinion...
Al-Līwa’ al-Islamī interviewed Muhammad Abu Layla, professor of Islamic studies at Azhar University. Many issues concerning Islam were discussed.
Shaykh Fawzī al-Zifzāf, head of the Azhar’s Permanent Committee for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions, assured that dialogue is crucial between religions since it protects the nation against misunderstanding.


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