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The article sheds light on the dictionary on media terminology prepared by the Arabic Language Institute. The article also deals with the importance of translating other specialized terminology into Arabic.
US biologist Dean H. Hamer tries in his book The God Gene to focus on the issue of how faith is linked to our genes as he alleges that there are some genes responsible for man’s interest in spiritual aspects.
Rose El-Youssef´s special file on extremism for this week shows how the magazine resisted extremism. It also discussed the reasons for Egypt´s success in overcoming terrorism, the issue of the cassettes containing lectures by sheikhs who claim to preach in the name of religion, the...
A wide-scale controversy has recently broken out over Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution inside a number of US schools as parents objected to including the theory in the syllabi on the grounds that it clashed with their Christian beliefs.
The author is of the opinion that some scientific facts could be diminished by popular ideas disguised by religion one time, and ethics or politics at other times. The ex-President of Cairo University and ex-Minister of Health, testified before the Islamic Research Institute that it was very...
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