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Al-Gezira channel interviewed the Editor-in-chief of Al-Nabaa, who did not admit to making a mistake by publishing the story of the expelled monk. For him, everything was according to the law and the traditions of the society and the whole matter was nothing but a conspiracy against his paper.
Dr. Abdel-Mo’ti Bayoumi, the Dean of the Faculty of Usul Al-Din [fundamentals of religion] in the Azhar University, was harshly attacked because of his fatwa [religious decree given by a Muslim scholar or Mufti] allowing leasing of wombs. The attack leveled against him reached the extent of...
The author believes the Sheikh of the Azhar’s opinion about the Al-Aqsa mosque went on the expense of his credibility. He believes that the Sheikh missed an important historical chance to reconstruct the Fiqh because of his political positions which overshadowed his Fiqh positions.
Response to Al-Mougi’s article. The author claims the method the Islamic extremist groups use in arguing is wrong. The author deliberately lied - I apologize for saying this - when he said that Farag Foda wrote bad articles about God, Islam, and His prophet...
Some people believes that the Sunna is a revelation from God. Others believe that it is only the work of the Prophet Mohammed.
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud’s reply to the angry reactions to his understanding concerning the intercession of the Prophet Mohammed for Muslims on the Day of Judgment. [He doesn’t believe that the Prophet Mohammed can intercede for believers.]
The two books ’The Book and the Quran, a contemporary reading’ by Mohammed Shahrour and ’My Father Adam - the story of creation between the truth and the myth’ have such a strong resemblance that is very close to plagiarism.
The author questions whether Dr. Abd Al-Sabour plagiarized the ideas of the book entitled "My Father Adam" from another book?


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