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The aim of this study is to show how modern Arabic literature and poetry could help in the effort to understand modern Arab society and its problems. 
Hāzim ‘Abduhlists a number of Muslim and non-Muslim thinkers and writers, whom he says have launched a vicious campaign against Islām in an attempt to undermine Islamic culture and values.
In this interview Adonis, a Syrian poet and writer, criticizes the way Muslims think at present, saying Muslims fall into severe contradictions when they use modern technology and at the same time reject the mentalities that made them.
The writer reports Dr. Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid is no longer admired in European Muslim communities and in the Netherlands in particular.
Since the Arab Culture Conference started, Al-Liwa Al-Islami has been writing against it, describing it as an anti-Islam conference. Part of its criticism of the conference was directed to the Minister of Culture, who called for it, and to Al-Qahera, the paper of the ministry. The two papers have...
The author comments on an article published in Al-Hayat of June 26, 2003 under the title “A veil for the head or the mind?” by Adonees. She refutes what Adonees said about the veil [hijab] not being an obligation, as there is no clear-cut text in the Qur´an in that respect. She disagrees with...
The author discusses the issue of veil [hijab] in Islam. He believes that all what is said about hijab being a religious obligation is simply interpretations that oblige only those who initiate them. He comments on the attitude of fundamentalists towards Muslim women wearing veil in Western...
Western sources revealed that the US considers the preparation of a comprehensive plan to control mosques in Arab and Islamic countries with the aim of having mosques in hand and limiting Islamic anger toward the US in case of attacking Iraq.
The author believes BBC, CNN and al-Gezira have not provided objective reports about the war against the Taleban and the Al-Qa’ida movement.
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