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Sectarian violence struck Egypt again on Friday, April 6, as at least four Christians and one Muslim were killed in an incident in Khusūs, in the governorate of Qalyubia, to the north of Cairo. Clashes continued on Sunday, and spread to the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Cairo, where a...
 [AWR: this interview was recorded, transcribed and translated by Diana Maher Ghali]
Ahmad Usāma replies to the allegations made about al-Karma center in art. 11.
Al-Karma Center for Human Development has suddenly emerged as an important development center funded from abroad, although the name of its chairman, Ahmad Usāma, was not known in civil society circles.
Responses of how the Islamic world could respond to rapid changes and developments. Critique on fake muftīs who issue eccentric and controversial fatwas on satellite television.
Ahmad Usāma, Chairman of al-Karma Center for Human Development recommends AWR.
Efforts to obtain NGO status. Media attention for AWR work. Israeli organizations publishing about radical Arab and Islamic websites.
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