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The International Union of Muslim Scholars has continued its meetings in Istanbul. Its members voted for Dr. Yūssuf Qaradāwī to remain in his position as a head to the union for the fourth time. 
Dr. Yusuf al- Qaradāwī, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholar has requested the members of the union to convene in Turkey to discuss the crisis that the Muslim Brotherhood organization is going through.
Dr. Yūsuf al- Qaradāwī, the head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars has made a religious decree (fatwá) that opening the door to Jihad against Israel is not a religious duty in the meantime
Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
AWR provides a list of articles published in the Arabic press available in Egypt on “The Passion of the Christ?.
The return of the four Christian girls from Malawi ended the rumors that they were kidnapped and raped by Muslim extremist groups in order to force them to turn to Islām.
The article concentrates on recent arguments amongst intellectuals and politicians over the removal of religious data from the Egyptian identification card.
The article is an overview of a French book titled “Bonaparte Et Mahomet” [Bonaparte and Muhammad] by Ahmed Youssef from the Ahram Bureau in Paris. The book starts with a question: If Bonaparte expressed some admiration of Islam to deceive Azhar sheikhs [so as to win their support], why he did not...
Egyptologist Lutfi Sherif led an AWR-visit to the land of Goshen in March 2003 and knows the discussion of archeologists on the Exodus quite well. Excavations in the Eastern Delta have become politically sensitive. This article mentions that the claim that the tomb of Alexander the Great was found...
The writer presents an overview of a French book by historian Guy Rachet. The book is titled "La Bible mythe et realites: La Bible et I´histoire d´Israel" [The Holy Bible, myths and realities: The Holy Bible and the history of Israel]. It discusses the relations between Egypt and the...


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