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The article provides an overview of the quota assigned to women in Egypt’s People’s Assembly, and a brief history of women’s participation in the political scene in the country.
The minister of manpower and immigration announced last week that the private sector should grant its workers holiday and paid leave on Coptic Christmas.
The article reviews clashes that took place between security forces and protesters of the city of al-Mahallah al-Kubrá on April 6 and 7.
The Egyptian press continues to focus on the health condition of the ailing head of the Coptic Orthodox Church who celebrated the 36th anniversary of his consecration in the See of Saint Mark.
The author discusses the International Labour Organization’s report, which claimed that Copts are discriminated against in Egypt, and the public response from the Minister of Labour ‘Ā’ishah ‘Abd al-Hādī. She claimed that although Copts only comprise ten per cent of the Egyptian population, they...
The author discusses the Minister of Labor ‘Ā’ishah ‘Abd al-Hādī’s response to the International Labour Organization’s report which claimed that Copts were discriminated against in Egypt. She claims that Copts are ten per cent of the Egyptian population, and control 30 per cent of the Egyptian...
The Inter Press Service news agency has issued a report on the recent sectarian incidents that Egypt has witnessed. The report says that the current episodic violent conflicts are the greatest threat the country has ever faced.
‘Ādil Jindī criticizes recent statements by ‘Ā’ishah ‘Abd al-Hādī, minister of labor and immigration, about the Coptic population in Egypt and their possession of one third of the total national wealth. Jindī believed that the minister’s statements lacked accuracy.
Majdī Khalīl, the author, comments on the response of the Ministry of Labor and Immigration to the International Labor Organization’s [ILO] report which claimed that Copts are discriminated against in Egypt.


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