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The author discusses the dominance of Islam in the school curriculum in Egypt, considering this a “cultural purification” against people of other religions that contradicts international human rights resolutions. He has prepared a study of the Arabic language curriculum in elementary and...
The author asserts that secularism is the right way to peaceful cooperative society.
The article discusses the conference of ’The Minority in the Middle East’ headed by the Chief of the emigrated Copts, cĀdil Abādīr. The conference is mainly about minorities’ rights in the Middle East.
Hāzim ‘Abduhlists a number of Muslim and non-Muslim thinkers and writers, whom he says have launched a vicious campaign against Islām in an attempt to undermine Islamic culture and values.
The author warns against Islamic extremists and the danger they pose to the world, suggesting that Islam nowadays poses the same threat as fascism in 1930s.
Since the Arab Culture Conference started, Al-Liwa Al-Islami has been writing against it, describing it as an anti-Islam conference. Part of its criticism of the conference was directed to the Minister of Culture, who called for it, and to Al-Qahera, the paper of the ministry. The two papers have...
Radical Islamists have not only settled for censorship in their fight against intellectuals, but have issued fatwas, sentencing to death thinkers with whom they disagree. Intellectuals across the Muslim world have been attacked or assassinated in accordance with these fatwas.
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