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Azhar Shaykh Ahmad al- Tayyib shall give today (June 12) a speech in front of the whole world about peace and the importance of rejecting extremism and violence in the world. 
The author of the article reports the points discussed in the Second Meeting of the High Level Group for the Alliance of civilizations held in Doha.
The article is an interview with the Mufti of Egypt. He comments on many topics including, giving fatwas, the relation between politics and giving fatwas, jihad, religious discourse, the US intervention in religious issues and educational curricula, dialogue with the other, the ideological...
The author argues that the West is championing the project of democratization, while at the same time, it refuses the participation of a significant power like Hamās in the legislative elections in the occupied territories.
Islamist groups, known for their rejection of this Zionist entity, would never accept the idea of the Greater Middle East.
Although Shi’ite scholars in Qatar disagreed about details of the new proposed law in Iran to adjust the woman’s share of inheritance, they agreed on the general and final decision.
Due to the fact that he is close to decision-making circles, or to be more correct at their center, he knows all the facts. He is a good reader of various issues, with all their reflections and the input on current situations. Here lies the importance of this interview with Dr. Usama Al-Baz, the...
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