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The former Secretary General of the UN, Boutros Boutros Ghali explains that Egypt needs to improve its image abroad and believes that tensions between Muslims and Christians in Egypt are often exaggerated. He also believes that tensions in the region make Christians emigrate.
The situation of Christians in Iraq is a lamentable one. Hulsman briefly explains their plight but also warns Iraqi Christians about associating themselves too much with the Americans. This is also a strategy that is used by Coptic activists in Egypt.
Prince Hassan of Jordan pleads for a pluralist society in the Arab world, and examines the phenomenon of Christian migration.
Katholiek Nieuwsblad highlights an interview with HRH Prince Hassan of Jordan.
The following article presents the full text of the interview with His Royal Highness Prince Hassan of Jordan.
The following article presents a text from Christianity Today, discussing an interview between His Royal Highness Prince Hassan Ibn Talal and Drs. Cornelis Hulsman. He discusses his drive to preserve the Arab Christian world.
Kees Hulsman interviewed HRH Prince Hassan bin-Talal about Christian migration from the Arabic world. Dr. William Wīsā writes about Egyptian media responses to Coptic conferences. Al-Usbū‘ often being accused for its close links to Egyptian security services. George Adli years ago falsely claimed...
There is a common belief in the West that Christians in Muslim countries are discriminated against, or sometimes even persecuted. While discrimination does exist, the situation is usually far more complex, argues Hulsman in this editorial. He also points out that while the Egyptian legal system...
A number of articles in this issue discuss the increase in Christian emigration rom the Arab world. Further articles discuss the contentious issue of the hijāb and niqāb in the schools and workplace.
This issue covers a number of topics dealing again with the freedom of expression. Pope Shenouda discusses the need for Arab unity to address the tensions in the Middle East, and Max Michel publishes a book critiquing the Coptic Orthodox Church.


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