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Shaikh Nazīh, reader of the Holy Qur'ān, received a phone call from his friend Botros, his neighbour in Shubra, requesting that the Shaikh attends wearing his official clothes! And in minutes Shaikh Nazīh donned the robe, turban and caftan.
‘Amir continues his criticism of the Twelver Shī‘ah and clarify that his attitude is merely religious and has nothing to do with political affairs of the Shī‘ah countries. He asks Sunnī scholars to give precise answers for certain questions about Shī‘ah doctrine.
The review discusses the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hasan al-Bannā, the founder and first guide of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, and counterarguments that al-Bannā was not angry about the 1940s assassination of Judge al- Khāzindār. It also describes the parliamentary battle between...
The author criticizes statements made by Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī in which the Muslim cleric tries to acquit the Muslim Brotherhood of crimes attributed to them by saying that the only act of violence the group was involved in was the assassination of judge al-Khāzindār.
Further titles:- State’s Security Major Fouad Alam: The MB of today is not different from that of the 1940s and 50s. They have a secret cell which is ready to attack, they are just waiting for a chance.- Mamoun El Hudeibi: We will not change our thoughts and programs. We will remain as we are till...
The author gives an account of some of the bombings carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood during the time of founder Hasan al-Bannā, as acknowledged by a member of the group’s secret organization.
The author defends the Muslim Brotherhood, rejecting the idea that it is just a violent group, arguing that although they used violence in certain circumstances, they did not invent the use of violence.
Public Prosecutor Māhir ‘Abd al-Wāhid ordered the release of 463 persons suspected of belonging to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but retained the custody of 37 others on charges of staging unlicensed marches in several areas in Egypt on May 3, 6 and 14, 2005.
Dr. Kariman Ibrahim mentioned in her book “Al-Ekhwan Al-Muslimun min Hassan Al-Banna ela Sayyed Qutb” [The Muslim Brotherhood from Hassan Al-Banna to Sayyed Qutb] some of the tactics the Brotherhood applied in carrying out terrorist attacks.
Someone started with drug dealing and, suddenly, after the boxes of his safe was filled with money, he said that his conscience has awakened writes the author about the Muslim Brotherhood. They first planted the wicked tree of blood. After this they come to tell us that this was the past and it is...


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