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In his speech for the launch of the ENAWU network, Prince Hassan bin Talal discusses the need to develop global commons and to promote citizenship for all. He further explains the need to advance one ethical standard for all and the importance of dialogue between different cultures.
Writings against Islam and Muslims were found on the walls of a mosque, in France, after a young Moroccan was killed. American newspapers covered the murder of a young man, who was murdered after converting to Islam. American National and British television are broadcasting shows presenting...
Seven years ago, when George Bush, the son, was elected as the governor of Texas, the press wrote that he said "those who do not believe in Jesus Christ will not enter heaven". When the anger of the Jews was aroused because of his words, he sent a correction to the Jewish association Bne Brith, in...
Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, Sheikh Al-Azhar has been much opposed by more conservative or radical Muslims. Examples are given.
The author asks the editor of al-Shaab not to attack important institutions of Islam such as the sheikh of the Azhar since this harms Islam.
[Also in Al-Osbua and Al-Athnain of the same date] The parliament witnessed a heated session with Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, sheik of the Azhar mosque, who fiercely attacked those who insult the Azhar and opposing his plan of reform.
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