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Dr. Muṣṭafā al-Fiqī, director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, is heading a meeting on December 22 organized by Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Cairo under the title “Human Rights and Double Standards.”
In March 2007, a referendum changed several articles of the Egyptian Constitution.
Coptic Councilor Najīb Jibrā’īl is intending to hold a conference to discuss the controversial Coptic issues in Egypt. Prominent Egyptian personalities and a number of Coptic expatriates were invited.
The General Citizenship Conference was held on November 25, 2007 and was sponsored by the National Council for Human Rights. The Egyptian press covered the incident from different viewpoints.
Religious reform is the starting point in any culture for social or political reform. This is because religious thought is perplexing and is often represented by terrorism, superstition and the shocking illogical Fatwás which have reached their peak.
The press review sheds light on a meeting recently held between House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Sa‘d al-Katātnī, at the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Francis Riccardone’s residence. It also highlights an alleged deal between the Brotherhood and...
There is no median between a religious state and a civil state. Many observers consider the proposed constitutional amendments to be encouraging political Islamic groups. While Muslim groups deny any contradiction between article two of the Egyptian Constitution and the principles of citizenship,...
As President Mubārak called for the Constitutional amendments, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group attacked them as they mainly aim at preventing political Islamic groups come to power. On the other hand, the media have praised the amendments, showing the dangers of the Brotherhood to both...
The trial of the head of Ibn Khaldoun center, professor Saad Eddin Ibrahim, and his 27 assistants, has been postponed to 20 January 2001 in order to enable the defense to study the documents of the case.
The author discusses the rising trend of Islamists throughout the Arab world, and warns of the step backwards for democracy if electing a parliament ruled by Islamists.


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