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The author reports on a draft law that seeks amendments on the Azhar law, stipulating that the Azhar presidency is to reach via public voting.
In the article, a parliamentary member has launched an inquiry into the Prime ministry for not curbing what he described as chaos of Fatwás on satellite channels as well as in state religious institutions.
Usāmah Nabīl reports on the different opinions concerning a draft law to regulate the process of issuing Fatwás.
‘Arif al-Dubays writes about the contradictory decisions of the grand imām at the Azhar.
Some Islamic bank owners threaten to bring a case over the unconstitutional practice of the fatwa of the Islamic Research Institute that permits bank interest. A Brotherhood member of parliament has criticized the fatwa stating it is religiously illegal.
Ahmad Abū al-Khir interviews one of the most controversial members of Parliament; alī Laban, member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The author discusses journalists’ angry reactions to a suggestion made by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in parliament that journalists be whipped instead of jailed.
Religious Affairs Committee of the Egyptian parliament will discuss with the Grand Imam what has been reported about changing the educational curricula of the Azhar institutes and omitting Qur´anic verses and hadiths that urge on jihad against Jews.
Members of the People’s Assembly have warned that the government is turning a blind eye to the conspiracy being plotted by the American administration to abolish religious education.
In March 1996, the courts rejected a case filed against the appointment of Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī as Grand Imām and President of the Islamic Research Academy . This raised the question: what do people want from the Grand Imām and why are there such struggles over this role?


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