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For five successive weeks, interest in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ? secured it a considerable space in Egyptian press. AWR provides a list of articles that discussed the film from various perspectives.
The article articulates the history of the ancient monastery of St. Polā on the Red Sea and suggests the launching of an integrated project to restore this Coptic monument amidst archeologists’ arguments that the costs of Coptic restoration projects are too high.
The American director Marlin Darrah had directed a movie about the visit of the holy family to Egypt, based on a book entitled; “Christ In Egypt” by the American writer Paul Perry. The movie cost two million dollars, and aims at reviving religious tourism in Egypt.
ʿAlī Laban, a member of the parliament affiliated with the Brotherhood, submitted an interpellation to the Minister of Culture in which he demanded the closure of the dance school in order to avoid its evils. The Minister of Culture said that that some believe that the school teaches belly dance, "...
For the first time in the history of artistic festivals in Egypt, the festival of Christian Orthodox Films, sponsored by Nidaa Al-Agrass “the sound of Bells” Coptic Association in Alexandria, featured 19 films. Since 1987, Christian films reached 75, with eminent actors and actresses taking roles...
The Arab-American Committee Against Discrimination in the U.S. protested Webster’s Dictionary altering the meaning of “anti-Semitism” in its new edition. The “anti-Semitism” entry in the dictionary designates anyone who is against Israel and sympathizes with its enemies as anti-Semitic.
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