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Islamic thinkers express their views about establishing a union for Muslim apostates.
The historical, cultural and ideological differences between Sunnī and Shī‘ah Muslims are outlined by different scholars in this article.
During the final session of the cultural season organized by the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, the author reports the stances of the shaykh of the Azhar and the minister of religious endowments to the criticism towards Islamic preaching.
The Faculty of Islamic-Arabic Studies at the Azhar University for Girls will hold an international conference in Cairo next March. The conference will address issues of concern to Muslim women, with reference to Islamic legislation but also taking into consideration the impact of western culture.
The presence of Muslims in Western societies is a phenomenon which can not be ignored. In many countries they have grown to be a powerful community, but Muslims, particularly the second and third generations, are now facing the prospect of having to blend into those non-Muslim societies.
The attacks and hostilities against Islam have manipulated the rhetoric and agenda of the third conference of the Islamic Sharīʿa Forum in the United States, which was held in the state of Sokto, Nigeria.
The Misyār marriage is an Islamic marriage that has emerged as life circumstances have changed. Dr. Muhammad al-Mukhtār al-Mahdī, a professor at the Azhar University [discipline not mentioned], says that “linguistically speaking, the Misyār means ’to drop by’.”
At the opening of the Cultural Season of the Islamic Council at the Nour Mosque in Abbasya, Grand Imam of the Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, emphasized that the kidnapping of the six Egyptians in Iraq is a criminal act, and that Islam denounces those who have done that, regardless of their...
A one-of-a-kind mosque opened its doors last week in Amsterdam. The mosque is for women only and is considered the first of its kind in the entire history of Islam.
Woman’s rights from the Islamic perspective is a controversial issue. This issue was misused by fanatics who want to prevent her to go to work. They also belittle her natural and intellectual faculties.On the other hand, the secularists exploited this issue, calling for the emancipation of women...


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