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The article provides an overview of the reconciliation effort in Bimhā, and what the governorate of Giza is doing to assist the victims. The authors criticize the unbalanced compensation and assistance that is being awarded to the individual victims.
The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies [CIHRS] has sent an appeal to the president of the republic and the speakers of both houses of Parliament called to amend Article Two of the Constitution that states that Islam is the religion of the state and Islamic sharīʿā is the main source of...
Former Czech President Vaclav Havel wrote in the first chapter of his book “Summer Meditations” that he had to utilize the minimum level of every person’s positive trends in a bid to put an end to the chaos emerged following he collapse of his country’s old totalitarian regime.
This is the full text of the summary published in Watani, April 26, 1998
This is a statement about the recent events of Al-Kosheh. Hundreds of cultured people in Egypt signed it. These people care about the country’s concerns.
"Accepting the other" was a symposium with Tareq Heggy and writer Amin al-Mahdy which was held under the supervision of Bishop Moussa, bishop of the youth.
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