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The authors interviewed the female Kenyan Muslim preacher ‘Ā’ishah Wangari Kamango on the reasons behind her conversion to Islam.
The author reports on Muslims’ anger about the recent decision of the right wing Danish Folkeparti [People’s Party] about the use of a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in their election campaign under claims that the party respects the rights to freedom of speech.
British Airways set off an unprecedented public outcry in Britain when it suspended without pay and rejected an appeal from employee Nādyah ‘Uwaydah for wearing a small cross to work at British Airways’ Heathrow office.
The news report deals with the seizure of two vehicles loaded with explosives, one of which was heading to Saint Catherine and the other to Sharm al-Shaykh.
Al-Liwā’ al-Islāmī hosted the Islamic intellectual Dr. ‘Abd al-Sabour Shāhīn, Professor of Linguistics, Faculty of Dār al-‘Uloum, Cairo University, in its first intellectual forum [or panel].
In an interview with al-Liwā’ al-Islāmī, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at al-Azhar University, Dr. Sucād Sālih contended that her selection as a member of the World Union of Muslim Scholars is an acknowledgement of women’s rights granted by Islam 14 centuries ago. She stressed that...
Security officials in Cairo believe the British bill [legislation] may help break up terrorist networks targeting Egypt and other Arab countries. "It is a real positive step towards fighting terrorism worldwide," an interior ministry official said. "For years Britain has turned a blind eye to the...
Amnesty International and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) have said in reports on the year 1997 there have been two negative developments. The first was the People’s Assembly’s decision to extend the Emergency Law, in force since 1981, for three more years. The second negative...
Members of the underground Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya were arrested last week on charges of trying to revive the activities of the group.
Al-Destour newspaper that was banned recently from printing in Egypt has been denied an Egyptian license.


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