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This week’s articles correspond with the date of President Barack Obama’s inauguration and a number of articles tackle the issue of U.S-Egyptian relations. This relationship has taken a more complicated turn in the past week when the Egyptian government unexpectedly released the political dissident...
Sharīf al-Dawākhlī’s article in Al-Dustūr discusses the issues facing Pope Shenouda on his return from medical leave in the United States.
The Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church conducted amendments to the Personal Status Law of Copts known as the law of 1938. The Egyptian media shed light on the issue and the different reactions to it.
The Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Youth, Bishop Mūsá expresses his opinions about many issues concerning the Coptic Church, President Husnī Mubārak and the second article of the Constitution.
A fight between a number Muslim and Christian residents of Minia was about to turn into sedition.
‘Amr Bayyūmī discusses the recent criticisms that have been directed at senior leaders of both the Coptic Orthodox and the Protestant churches.
The Coptic Orthodox Church denies all news about possible amendments to the panel of rules for choosing the pope.
The author reports on Pope Shenouda’s decision to form a committee to examine whether the punitive period that the bishop of Dishnā has been carrying out at monastery is long enough or whether it should be extended.
The article reports on the church trial of an Orthodox priest on charges of financial and moral indiscretions.
Pope Shenouda faced Copts’ protests against the relocation of Bishop Makārius, the assistant bishop of al-Minyā.


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