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While Egyptian non-Catholic churches expressed their angry reactions to the Vatican document, Catholic figures, including the director of the Holy See’s Press Office, declared that the document was mainly to clarify Catholic doctrinal issues and was not intended to offend any church or denomination...
The Supreme Council of Culture held a symposium on religious interaction in Egypt. It discussed a number of issues, including the gaps that hinder interaction and communication between Muslims and Christians. Dr. Āmna Nusayir, a symposium participant, affirmed that Egypt has accomplished complete...
A debate was held at the Supreme Council of Culture about the religious communication in Egypt. Many intellectuals and men of religion in Egypt participated and expressed their viewpoints about the issue.
Pastor Safwat al-Bayādī was re-elected as chairman of the Coptic Evangelical denomination and Andre Zakī vice chairman, in the denomination’s presidential election held last Wednesday.
The Evangelical Laymen’s Council has decided to hold the election for the post of chairman of the Evangelical denomination on March 7 rather than March 23, and to nominate Safwat al-Biyādī and rev. Makram Najīb for the post.
The Evangelical election scheduled for March 23, 2007, is expected to be more exciting this time. Dr. Rev. Makram Najīb is running for head of the denomination against Dr. Re. Ṣafwat al-Bayyāḍī.
The article briefly mentions opinions of Muslim and Christian thinkers on reforming the Islamic discourse to fit modernization.
When first published, the “DaVinci Code” was banned from many Arab nations, including Egypt and Lebanon. The film version is now also being banned in many nations, but it will play in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE. There is a fear, however, that the censoring of the film may serve to increase...
The 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches has convened in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to discuss some key issues among which were the Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East.
Celebrating the Evangelical Church’s 150 years of ministry in Egypt, Munā al-Mallākh writes on the history of Evangelicalism in Egypt.


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