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The Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center welcomed 150 imāms and pastors for a training program, called “Because I am a Father,” sponsored primarily by the Egyptian “House of the Family” [Bayt al-ʿ Āʾila], Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib, Grand Imam and Shaykh of al-Azhar, and Pope Tawāḍrūs II, pope of Alexandria and...
On Thursday, April 11, the heads of the Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical, and Episcopal Churches held a meeting at the papal headquarters at St. Mark Cathedral in ʿAbāssiyya in the hopes of ending the harmful personal status crisis.  The meeting was presided over by Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Patriarch ...
Dr. Andriyya Zakī, head of the Evangelical Coptic Church in Egypt and social services, said that the church, which does not respect its youth, does not give them the first place, is "a church with no future".
Rev. Andrea Zakī [Andrīyya Zakī], head of the Evangelical community, said that Egypt is facing challenges with serious steps towards development and democracy.
After returning from the United States on a several-week visit during which he met with a number of decision-makers in the US State Department, the Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, head of the Evangelical community, affirmed that the positive changes taking place in Egypt have positively affected Egypt's...
Rev. Andrea Zaki, President of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, on Friday, celebrated the centenary of the Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Fajjalah, in the presence of a number of leaders of the Evangelical community in Egypt.
  The Presidency of The Protestant Churches of Egypt, headed by Rev. Dr. Andrea Zakī, expresses its deep sorrow on the burning of the historic tower of The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  
Pope Tuwadrus II held a meeting with the Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Ishaq and the President of the Evangelical Community in Egypt Andrīa Zakī at St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in ‘Abbasīa for discussing a unified draft for the Personal Status law of Christians.   
On the same context, Al-Shurūq al-Jadīd newspaper reported the Churches’- as well as The Azhar’s- dismay over Burhāmī’s statements on the position of the Azhar’s Grand Shaykh and on articles endorsed in the new Constitution.
Several intellectuals, Muslim and Christian clerics, academics and media people called for keeping intact Article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution and urged the drafting of independent articles stressing citizenship and full equality in socio-economic rights in the constitution.


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