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Rev. Dr Andrea Zakī, President of the Coptic Evangelical Church, said that the visit conducted by President al-Sīsī yesterday to the Cathedral hailed in a new history of Islamic-Christian relations in Egypt. He said that the president is establishing a new notion of citizenship as a behavior...
Tomorrow (Monday), The Coptic Evangelical Commission for Social Services will organize a forum for cultural dialogue under the title “Together Against Violence” at the Commission’s headquarters in Arḍ al-Sulṭān in al-Minyā. 
The Coptic Evangelical Commission for Social Services organizes a conference next Monday in the governorate of al-Minyā, titled “Together Against Violence.” 
High-ranking religious leaders have ruled out that the scenario of the expulsion of Christians from some Arab countries such as Iraq and Syria will be repeated in Egypt, stressing that the Christian presence in Egypt will remain strong.
The Evangelical Commission for Public and Social Services announced that this week, a high-level delegation from Denmark headed by Bishop of Copenhagen will visit Egypt. 
  Dr. Andrea Zakī, head of the Evangelical community in Egypt, alongside a number of church leaders, will participate in the celebrations held by the German Church in Berlin on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Movement for Religious Reformation in Europe, in the presence of a number of...
  "I thank the nation’s shield, the Armed Forces, for their heroic role in the restoration of the churches damaged by the Muslim Brotherhood," said Pastor ‘Andrīh Zakī, head of the Evangelical community in Egypt.
  The Forum for Dialogue of Cultures of the Evangelical Coptic Commission held an intellectual meeting entitled "Egypt for all Egyptians" in one of the hotels of Miṣr al-Jadīda
A Coptic Church source has said that there is a general trend towards unifying the personal status law valid for all the Christian denominations by taking into consideration their differences on what concerns marriage and divorce. 
Head of the Coptic Evangelical Church rejects the conspiracy theory some are propagating on what concern the law on church construction, commenting that the three major Churches of Egypt had introduced amendments to the draft law that was eventually submitted to the Cabinet for approval last May.


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