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The former Dutch prime Minister comments on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the political role of the European Union, the situation in Iraq and the theory of the clashes between civilizations. He also expressed his admiration of Egypt.
Meeting with an Egyptian official to discuss the application for NGO status.
Program of the visit of former Dutch prime minister Andreas van Agt to AWR.
Discussion on “Freedom of expression and respect for ‘the other’ How to respond if one is offended?” organized by CIDT and Al-Sawy Cultural Wheel. Request for NGO Status, decision again postponed. Dr. Maurice Assad, former assistant secretary-general of the MECC and friend of AWR, passed away....
Incidents around the Coptic Orthodox Church of al-Udaysāt. Preparations for the visit of former Dutch Prime Minister van Agt to AWR in May.
CIDT organizes a discussion on the subject “Freedom of expression and respect for ‘the other’. How to respond if one is offended?” AWR providing examples of both Muslim and Christian polemics. Former Dutch Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Van Agt is visiting Egypt in May to launch the Center for...
Attention for AWR work: network building.
AWR is still dealing with the ongoing postponement of obtaining an NGO status. Recommendation of a comment showing that much of Muslim-Christian tensions are under the surface.
Egypt’s Minister of Endowments’ point of view on the importance of dialogue between religions and cultures. Two interviews published in this issue as result of the visit of two Egyptian journalists to the Netherlands.
Appreciation of AWR work. Media critique on an article that has given a distorted presentation of a Dutch report on anti-Semitism.


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