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German minister of Turkish decent Aygül Özkan has encountered harsh criticism after her call for the removal of crucifixes from public schools.
In Iraq, the persecution of Christians continues and many Christian families are leaving Mosul for Baghdad while there are estimates that a third of the Christian population has left the country.
Europe’s rejection to Turkey’s entry into the European Union because of its Islamic values.
The author articulates some basic rules of interfaith dialogue, which he asserts should be followed by all parties.
The author discusses serious threats to freedom of expression.
Egyptian newspapers present mixed reactions to Pope Benedict’s "apology" for comments he made earlier this month on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. In light of the already tense atmosphere in the Muslim world, a Berlin opera company canceled Mozart’s ’Idomeneo’ for fear of protest over...
The review considers a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and the ambassadors of Muslim and Arab nations to the Holy See, in which the pontiff affirmed his respect for all religions, particularly Islam, and called for continuing the Muslim-Christian dialogue. He described this as of vital...


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